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I never envisioned myself as a writer, let alone one who delves into the intricate world of tech. Yes, I write about tech-related subjects, but my primary goal is to inspire my friends on this fascinating journey.

The inspiration?

Well, that stems from my admiration for individuals around me, not those far from me, who bring value to the table — like Atunde Omotola, Ilemobayo Josephine, Fasakin Favour, Philip Owolabi, Fulness Oviosun, and many others (can’t mention all).

The most intriguing part of my tech story is the fact that I originally intended to study pharmacy.

Back in secondary school, I questioned what I could offer to my generation. I didn’t consider myself exceptionally intelligent, and I lacked a clear aspiration.

I was merely ready to go wherever life directed me. That was the landscape of my past.


I’m Ogboi Favour Ifeanyichukwu, currently residing in Lagos, Nigeria, and this is where my story truly begins. 🌍

Sounding like a nollywood movie. Well, because life’s too short not to add a little humor to the script! 🤣🚀

Football and Influences:

During my childhood, I developed a deep love for football, influenced by none other than my elder brother, Kokoh Emmanuel, a die-hard Chelsea fan. As you might have guessed, I became a Chelsea fan too. Fast forward to today, and my passion for the game still burns brightly. ⚽🔵


Well, now I am considering to change team cause Chelsea cannot kill me (LOL)

Educational Journey

I navigated through my secondary education in a public school, and now I find myself in a federal university, FUPRE studying Computer Science.

first in Africa, sixth in the world

My journey has been marked by challenges, but as they say, the journey is the destination. I’ll spare you the details of my academic triumphs until graduation day (lol). 🎓

Tech Epiphany

Somewhere along the way, I discovered a profound interest in computers and their vast capabilities.

I realized that I could make a significant impact in the tech realm. Today, I’m on a quest to become a data scientist and a machine learning engineer. 💻🤖 ( stop playing ! → In Ola of Lagos voice)

public class InOlaOfLagosVoice{
public static void main(String[]args){
System.out.println("Stop Playing!");

Versatility in Skills

My journey through tech has been versatile. I delved into web development (frontend) with HTML, CSS, JS, and React until the allure of statistics, data science, and ML model deployment captured my imagination.

So far, I’ve had the privilege of training and handling projects of over 45 individuals from different academic institutions within Nigeria and even reaching beyond to places like Austria, Canada, and Germany. 🌐

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Ongoing Journey and Impact

As an undergraduate, I’m well aware that the self-development journey is continuous. There’s always more to learn, and countless others to impact.

I believe in the power of knowledge and its ability to transform lives. 🚀

Fasten your seatbelt as we navigate Excel, SQL, machine learning, Power BI, Tableau, and beyond. Let’s make learning tech as fun as a comedy blockbuster — a byte at a time! 🎉💻🌐

And remember, the best way to inspire yourself is to dive into the unknown, embrace the challenges, and dance with the algorithms. So, my fellow tech explorer, let’s not just learn; let’s inspire ourselves with every click, code, and creative data visualization! 🚀✨

Connect with Me

If you’re curious to know more about Data Science watch this space cause I will be releasing valuable content every week, feel free to connect with me on social media.

Let’s share insights, exchange ideas, and build a community passionate about the ever-evolving world of technology. 🤝

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